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Hi there!

My name is Claudia, and at the age of 30, I've been a professional photographer for over a decade. I also own a photography studio in Montreal called 'La Jungle'. The studio hosts various productions related to yoga and wellness, as the space breathes with numerous tropical plants. My profession grants me the freedom to travel and take on international contracts, a dream I've cherished for a long time, especially to collaborate with well-being companies like yours. Among my most frequent contracts, I work for cultural festivals, film sets, and local yoga retreats. I'm also a travel guide for an agency called 'Voyage Grand V', and I've had the privilege of introducing Morocco to 28 people so far. I look forward to adding more destinations in the coming years and capturing these groups as they explore extraordinary cultures and activities.

In my past, I've traveled to over twenty places to capture street photos, building a portfolio that enables me to take on jobs like the one you're offering. Your position was recommended by an employee who will soon be joining your team, Stéphanie Lacoste, with whom I've had the pleasure of traveling to Nicaragua. I dare to believe it's not just a coincidence, but that the stars are aligned!

It would be my immense pleasure to meet all your image-related needs according to your desired aesthetic. I am extremely professional and pour my heart into creating images. I'm currently in a wonderful phase of well-being and feel very connected to my higher self. I work with the best equipment available, including a Canon R5 and a Fuji x100v for photos with a more 'film' feel. I also have a drone, and most importantly, the sensitivity and passion to capture the best moments to represent you and elevate your image to another level. For water shots, I recently acquired a lens with a highly effective zoom capability, which will allow me to capture the best surfing photos. For all these reasons, I believe I am the ideal candidate for you.

I've tried to gather some photos in the style that you might want for your retreats, but please know that I have, quite humbly, much more to offer beyond this selection. It will be perfectly aligned with your mood board and colors to ensure everything is cohesive and inspire everyone to join your retreats in these extraordinary places.

Looking forward to working with you!


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